Our Beliefs:

  • Equality, tolerance, and the ability to live a lifestyle that promotes mental health and wellness.

  • Art can be turned into a sustainable and legitimate career.

  • Artists deserve and can develop a price point that will give them a liveable wage. 

  • Collaboration rather than competition is at the heart of making art a thriving career. 

  • Purchasing art directly from artists provides real support for real humans. 

  • Collecting arts support creators directly and provides more quality and valuable products for the customer. 


Art is a visual representation of the human experience. Emotions, ideas, experiences, time periods are all captured in a single image. You don’t have to “get” art any more than you might “get” a book. Some of us are drawn to YA fantasy and some are drawn to James Joyce. Some of us are drawn to Pink Floyd, others are drawn to Bach, and some of us love Tupac. There is no “right” or “fine” art anymore. Art simply is that which makes you feel something. This is an invaluable part of the human condition. What makes life worth living is feeling the connection to another living being. This is why humans have theatre, film, music, fashion, religion, and, yes, art. It’s so we can find those we connect to and know that we are not alone. Each piece of art is a homing beacon for your niche, your tribe. When you find art that sparks your soul, it means that you are connecting to someone who is like you in some way. Perhaps they also love the vineyards of Italy, the way streetlights glow amber on the street, or how the first sip of a Coca-cola tastes. And, at that moment that we feel what the artist felt, we are connected. We feel alive. Imagine filling your home with works that make you feel connected. Your home would buzz with a connection that you and those who visit your home feel in an intangible and ineffable way. That’s the power of art. That’s why collecting art is a human experience.

Let’s talk about the reality of buying from an artist. When you buy directly from an artist, you are not simply supporting a business. You are supporting family, a way of life, and a means of freedom for a human being. Supporting an artist helps pay for childcare, food, tuition, clothing, or bills. It’s helping someone survive in a harsh economy and a pandemic. You are supporting an artist for the time they put into practicing, the time they spend lugging their inventory from event to event, and, of course, the care and emotion they have put into the piece you are purchasing. You are helping an artist create a more livable wage and take away the stress and pain of paying for that electric bill, to replace a tire, or to buy their kiddos the bigger shoes they need. When you buy directly from an artist, you are paying a livable wage. You are not exploiting them or their work as many corporations do. Your money is not going to rich higher-ups in a company. Your money is going to a real person. It’s helping in a real and is appreciated more than you can imagine. Support artisans, not corporations. You’ll walk away with a piece of art that will increase in value and you’ll be helping another human being.

In the gig economy, it’s extremely common for artists to feel threatened and in need to get a leg up on the competition. But, this is an illusion. There is more than enough room in the artwork for each and every artist. It’s a benefit to corporations and selling platforms that we see each other as enemies. We’ll spend more money on ads, on product placement, and clicks in order to be found over our fellow artists. However, this is not necessary. We can support one another rather than competing with one another. Together we can help promote each other's art, mentor younger artists, and help each other build our businesses into thriving, livable wages. Reach out to artists. Ask for help. Offer to help. Collaborate. Imagine a community that supports itself without the need for selling platforms. How can we better collaborate as artists? What help do you need as an artist?

Meet the Team

Alejandro Castanon



Alejandro began his journey as an artist in 2011 after serving eight years active duty in the U.S. Air Force as a combat engineer. His desire to help raise his daughter is what brought him back home to Texas. In 2011 Alejandro opened the Vino Dipinte Art Gallery in San Angelo, TX. in 2014 Alejandro's art began reaching collectors in Texas and was featured in Western Art Collector magazine as well as Visual Artists Magazine the same year. Alejandro has held several solo shows across Texas including San Angelo, Dallas, Brownwood, and Beeville Texas. Alejandro currently resides in San Angelo, TX and has sold to collectors across the U.S.

Shelby Arias Seymore


CEO/Co-owner and Resident Badass

Shelby Arias Seymore channels the magic of Alejandro Fine Art. She puts together the schedules, edits and produces the video, designs the website and social media content,  writes our blogs, co-hosts the You Are NOT An Artist Podcast, and is currently drafting our upcoming book You Are NOT an Artist

While she's not working on AFA, Shelby is becoming a veterinary surgeon. She currently is pursuing her third degree in Animal Science at Angelo State University. Her previous two degrees are a Bachelor's of Science in Communications and a Master's of Rhetoric and Composition. On the weekends, she's busy assisting with surgeries at local veterinary clinics.


An artist herself, Shelby studied classical art in Florence, Italy, and focuses on traditional and renaissance art. She, herself, is happy being an artist in and of itself and is perfectly content not pursuing her own art career. She is much happier painting Rembrandt-style portraits of our cats: Reddington and Willy. 



AFA Mascot

Reddington is Alejandro Fine Art's mascot and is in charge of maintaining and boosting morale for the AFA team (usually by laying on top of what we're working on).



Resident Grumpy Butt

Willy is Alejandro Fine Art's de facto employee. He mostly walks around AFA whining, complaining, and telling us we aren't doing our job right.



Our Little Guinevere

Cali is the most recent addition to our team! She's already trying to take over and steal all our jobs. That's what's earned her the name Guinevere. Her tenacity and small stature keeps the inner child in us alive.