November 13, 2019

What is The Small Town Artist Podcast and why should you care? 

I started The Small Town Artist Podcast because I became utterly aware of the unique situation I was in while building my own art career in a small town. I searched endlessly for a blue print of how I should start and what I should be doing. I found probably the same thing a lot of artists find online about art marketing. A found some good websites, and a lot of people claiming they had great advice but none of them had insight in how to make an art career in small town successful. And of course it all cost $. So I thought about how I could do it on my own. I learned a lot of lessons the hard doing. I didn't wait to have someone tell me it was okay or the right thing to do. I just jumped in and hoped to at least learn...

October 28, 2019

Selena was and still is the reigning queen of Tejano music and dare I say one of the most popular Hispanic Latina figures besides Frida Kahlo of all time.

October 11, 2019

I never thought I would write a post about this. I guess because I thought I'd always own the business I had. But like everything in life we must change and grow. I should preface this by saying this isn't a negative post. It's an insightful one. It's meant to help those that are in the paint and sip business now or that are thinking of starting one. So let's just jump in shall we? First of all let's change that description from "paint and sip" because as I sit here now that industry has changed to "create and sip". Maybe no one is saying it out loud but everyone is thinking it in the back in their mind (more about that change soon). I owned a paint and sip for close to eight years. When I started it was 2011 and not many folks had heard of one let alone been to one in San Angelo. It was a...

October 10, 2019

First of all if you're reading this you are either living in San Angelo, TX, moving here, or never heard of this town and clicked on the article. Why on earth would someone write or even claim that starting an art career in San Angelo, TX is a good idea? Glad you asked. Well because I've done it the past eight years and have done very well. Now to be clear I'm not saying you couldn't make it work in another city but I argue that San Angelo has many advantages for emerging artists. What I'm proposing is subjectively for visual artists. I wish I could speak for other forms of art but I only ever talk about what I know.

Lets list these because my brain tends to organize information better that way (and I think its easier to read).

1. San Angelo isn't a big city...or a small town

Have you ever sp...

April 10, 2015

As I am writing this my blood pressure is up but in a good way. Some how I'm able to find new ways to keep myself busy when I finish one goal I already have three or four lined up, no time to celebrate. Time to work! So this post I figured I would talk about how to find art jobs. No I don't mean a 9 - 5 job that pays hourly I mean an actual project that will require you to create art and potentially get paid. I don't always classify every job I find as a "paying" job. Why? Well most of the money I've made from painting has come about from opportunities I have jumped at that eventually led to a commission or art purchase these are the most important type of activiites I focus on. Its a bit hard to wrap our head around I know. Why work if your not going to get paid? Well it depends on the hi...

April 8, 2015

So this topic is very popular and has a lot of different answers. Some of them are good and accurate others are lacking in fundamental ideas and a few are not asking the right questions. So let me be up front about this blog post. I do have a bachelor's degree specializing in e-Marketing which I have applied to my own artist career which has helped greatly along with experience in marketing and sales positions. All of these experiences have helped me understand the art business world to a larger extent. What this blog post will be focusing on is "where to begin". I know many artists that want to be successful that are extremely talented but get frustrated when their sales are lacking or non existent. I also know artists that are just starting that are interested in how to figure this art g...

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What is the Small Town Artist Podcast?

November 13, 2019

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