Become a Brand Ambassador!


I'm so excited to reach a point in my career where I can start providing more value to my long time and new collectors. 

I can't tell you how much it means to me when a customer comes back for more art in different ways whether its buying an original, print, or ordering a custom painting; it's all so amazing. This program is meant to not only reward my collectors but also recognize them for being the amazing patrons of art that they are.


If you're interested in becoming a brand ambassador here are the qualifications and benefits:

You’ve collected at least three original prints or originals from me. As a qualified participant you will receive the following perks:


  1. A lifetime 25% discount on prints, originals, and commissions. You will receive a unique code to use on my website that’s just for you. I am trusting that you will only use it for your own purchases which brings me to the next perk.*You can also contact me directly and I’ll apply the discount on your order.

  2. A 15% discount referral code. This second code will be for you to distribute to friends and family. The way this code is set up only allows them to be used once per person. 

  3. Rewards for referrals. Another perk you will receive will be based on how many referrals that are redeemed from your referral code. I can track how many times the referral code you have is redeemed. I want to reward you for bringing me customers YOU trust. It’s simple, *This will reset every calendar year. So basically on Jan 1st your rewards numbers will reset.


5 new customers - Free 12”x18 Print

10 new customers - Free tshirt with Alejandro Fine Art logo

15 new customers - Original sketch of your choice (no larger than 8’x10”)

20 new customers - Original painting of your choice (no larger than 18”x24”)


Final steps


In order to be fully accepted into the Ambassador program you will need to complete just a few simple steps. Don’t worry they are fun and allow me to brag about you! 


You will need to submit two photos per art piece (a total of 6 photos minimum) you have purchased from me. That's the bare minimum but you’re welcome to send more! I will use these photos to post to my social and website. If you’re not comfortable using your full name please let me know and I can use an alias instead. I can’t use just any basic photo, these need to really highlight your space and how the art has enhanced it. To keep it simple keep these few tips in mind when taking the photos:


  1. Try to use natural light. If that's not practical use another light source that allows you to see the artwork clearly.

  2. Take one photo of the space where you can see the artwork in its natural habitat (above a desk in the office, in the living room, kitchen, etc.)

  3. Take the second photo closer of the art where the viewer can see the art squarely. Cropping the photo can help. Again pay close attention to light.


2. Finally send me photos by email to Please be sure to include your name in the email so I can create a folder on my computer.


Once I have the photos and you have read and understood the program I will email you your two unique discount codes. If you ever have any questions or special requests feel free to contact me on my site, my social, my email (


Checkout some Brand Ambassadors!

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