Copy of Pink Delicate Photo Beauty Makeu

Commission Steps

Step One: Reach Out to Shelby

Reach out to Shelby and let her know your ideas, the size you're thinking of, and the medium. She will happily discuss the options with you and, together, you will decide how best to execute your vision.

Contact her via phone or email here

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Step Two: Pay 50% Deposit and Receive Contract

Once we receive your 50% deposit, Alejandro will begin working on your custom piece! When payment is received, you will receive a receipt that shows your deposit, your agreed upon due date, and the size/medium of the artwork. 

Step Three: Pay Remaining Amount Due and Receive Your Custom Artwork!

When Alejandro finishes, we will invoice you for the remaining balance. Once the remaining balance is received, we will ship or your painting will become available for pick up. 

Have any concerns after your commission is complete? 

Shelby handles anything you need concerning your commission. Contact her via phone or email here

Let's Get Started On Your Project!

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Legal Notice

The copyright and image of the artwork remains in the possession of Alejandro Castanon and Alejandro Fine Art. The image may not be reproduced or duplicated for sale by anyone except Alejandro Castanon and Alejandro Fine Art. You are purchasing the right to possess the physical painting. 

If you are interested in licensing art, please let Alejandro know during the consultation. We will draft a separate contract for a licensing deal.