Texas City Series

I began this series with the painting of the Alamo. I never really intended to more but it has slowly grown and I will be adding more to this series. I travel around Texas a lot and I'm always fascinated by the influences Texas has received from many cultures. I can't wait to add more.

When I began the Texas City series I had only just begun traveling around to the major cities in Texas. Namely Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio but that has only scratched the surface. There are so many more Texas city paintings to create. From town all over the state that have their own unique history and amazing court houses (those are my fav). 

I'd love to have a large inventory of Texas city paintings that accurately depict each city, that would take forever though. I think as a Texas based artists it's important to capture as much of Texas in our art work as possible. Texas is changing so fast. 

Although all the original Texas City paintings have sold I do have high quality prints in many sizes that can fit any home or office. See them below.

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