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Why do artists struggle to have a successful career?

  • They try to sell before they have created a well-rounded collection.

  • They put their art on social media too soon.

  • They try to start their art business before they reach technical mastery of their art.

  • They compare themselves to artists in Phase 2 and 3.

  • They don't know fundamental business principles or how to manage and grow a business.

We're here to help.

The Artist's 3 Phases is a curriculum built to help you create a sustainable art career. We commonly refer to the movement through the phases as the artist's journey. Using 10 years of real-world experience in the art world, business advising, and educational models, Shelby and Alejandro have created this system for you to grow your art into a career that will one day offer not only you but your family, financial freedom. 

Alejandro works one-on-one with artists to help them identify the stage and step they are on in their artist's journey. If you are interested in receiving help from Alejandro, please send us your information via our contact us page. 

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Phase One

Objective: Develop technical mastery and foster local community.

Phase One is the step everyone wants to skip (but, will regret it later on!) in creating an art career. When starting out, artists often try to compete with established professional artists who are well into Phase Two or even Phase Three of their careers. It's all too easy to compare yourself to these artists and try to replicate their efforts.


However, Phase One is where you need to stop and focus on mastering your technique. 

Mastering your technique means you practice your art so much that it becomes a set of muscle memory and subconscious actions. You no longer need to think about how to create. It's second nature. 

This vital step is often overlooked and sped through, but should be taken on with the greatest care. Phase One should last at least two years for the artist who has not mastered traditional art concepts. 

Only after you have mastered your technique can you begin to build your community. This requires inventory and networking (the artist's arch-nemesis).


For more information on Phase One, click here

Phase Two

Objective: Develop a systematized marketing strategy, foster various regularly producing income strategies, and honed a considerable collector base.

Once you have graduated from Phase One, you will have fostered a community to begin selling. This is a wonderful foundation to begin scaling your business. While Phase One is everyone's least favorite, Phase Two will be the longest phase you are in (but it's where the magic happens!).

From here you will be able to focus on developing a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is a systemized running of ads, content, and communication that builds brand awareness promotes your new work and provides a regular stream of leads. 

This will allow you to foster various income strategies. Income strategies are different revenue streams that provide you an income from different sources. It's seldom talked about, but there is no golden goose of art. Getting into that one gallery or mastering Etsy will not guarantee you the income you need to be financially independent.


Your marketing strategy and various income strategies will allow you to begin drawing in loyal customers. These customers will become collectors. A customer is someone that purchases a print, original, or even a commission. Meanwhile, a collector is someone that has numerous works by the artist and is eager to grow their collection.

Eventually, you will have achieved the holy grail of a secure marketing strategy, regularly producing income strategies and a strong collector base that generates its own demand.


The curriculum for Phase Two is coming soon. 

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Phase Three

Objective: Transition into an administrator role, delegate marketing, operations, and content creation to employees, and begin to focus solely on creation and vision for the company.

Once you have reached the point where you have a secure marketing strategy, regularly producing income strategies, and a strong collector base, you can begin to let go of the more mundane pieces of the business. This is where you will begin to transition into an administrator role. 

An administrator of a business oversees the macro workings and the vision of the business. This means you will begin to delegate or hand over, marketing, operations, and content creation to employees that you will hire. This will allow for your business to once again scale to a larger level. This will compensate for your new employees' salaries. 

Once you are no longer charged with managing marketing, customer service, shipping, lugging around equipment, working the books, and all the things that a business owner must do, you will be free to focus on creating alone. This will allow you to further enhance the value of your art as you can now devote yourself full time to creating while your business cares for you financially. 


The curriculum for Phase 3 is coming soon. 

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