Paint-a-thon 2018


If this is your first time interacting with Paint-a-thon then let me welcome you and say THANK YOU. By simply viewing this project you're giving life to it. Let me elaborate to what this project is exactly.


Back in 2014 I was struggling to keep up with requests by non-profits in my local area to donate original artwork. I hated saying "no" to those that wanted art. My schedule was just too full to fit in more art projects. I came across an idea to conduct and document a painting event and not only could I generate buzz for the paintings I would donate but I could also accept solicitations from local non-profits for the art they would accept from me at the end of the event.


What ended up happening took a lot of planning, energy, and time! I chose a date in February 2015 to stay up for exactly 24 hours painting non-stop. In that time frame I was able to complete a total of 14 paintings all of which were donated to non-profits around San Angelo. What I am most proud of is that I didn't have to say no to any of them.


Check out the video to see the documented progression from my first Paint-a-thon.






In 2018 I am planning on continuing the Paint-a-thon. However I have made some changes and instead of taking this on by myself I've decided to recruit fellow altruistic artists to help spread this event over a wider reach. So with out further adeu I'd like to welcome fellow artist Ryan Dalgliesh. Ryan and I will be tag teaming the Paintathon this year. Each of us painting for our chosen charities.


Our Goal:


Our goal is to create an exciting event in which each artist is responsible for completing paintings that will be donated to their chosen charities at the end of a 24-hour window. The excitement comes from watching these artists create in real time with a time limit. Watching the events unfold creates a relationship between the viewer and the artists and their art. This event will be documented via live video feed and photos on Facebook. Once the event is completed each charity will recieve their paintings and market value. They can then auction the painting at their next charity event and use the Paintathon publicity to raise awareness and hopefully $ for their cause.


The Challenge:


The challenge for each artist is to commit to and complete the paintings they wish to donate. Every artist that participates in this challenge will have 24 hours to complete this challenge coordinated collectively on the same day and time. Each artist will work in their preferred medium and document the process via social media where we can share it with the world.




Artists are invited personally by me to participate in this event. Each artist must have a proven track record for selling art work, community involvement, and the ability to work with time constraints. These requirements will allow this event to run smoothly and grow into a project capable of recruiting like-minded artists and collectors in the future. Each artist will have a profile on this page and on our Facebook page where they may share videos and progress pictures related to the event. In addition their paintings and charities will have photos also posted here with contact info about acquiring their donated work.





Each artist is responsible for contacting and choosing their charity that will recieve the art they have painted during this event. Here is a short criteria for non-profits. I can be contacted directly to choose a non-profit that will recieve one of my paintings for 2018 Paintathon.


  1. Contact me via me contact page here. Please provide a brief description of your non-profit as well as our annual fundraising event. This year I will only select three non-profits to receive a painting from the Paintathon. (All must be 501-C3 to participate).

  2. Each artist is responsible for coordinating with each non-profit to provide a canvas that will be donated to the Paint-a-thon for them to paint or cost of the canvas reimbursed to the artist. The artist may choose to make an in-kind donation of the cost of the canvas.

  3. Canvas size can be predetermined by the artist and/or the non-profit.

  4. Drop off for each canvas can be scheduled at the convenience for each organization and the artist.


I will only choose three applications from local non-profits. All themes will be chosen by me in order to help meet timely goals. After the 24 hour period is completed there will be a short ceremony to present each painting to the benefiting non-profit. This date will be announced closer to the Paint-a-thon. Other artists are allowed to choose as many or  few charities to recieve their art.


Individuals and for profit:


This program is strictly for the benefit of non-profits needing art donations to help raise much needed funds throughout the year and support their mission. However if you would like to help Paint-a-thon 2018 donations such as coffee, water, and snacks are greatly appreciated and needed! It is no easy task to stay locked up for 24 hours and painting for the vast majority. Please contact me if you wish to donate and I will mention your name or organization on the video produced for Paint-a-thon 2018. Thank you!