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This idea came to me in California and it’s something that’s incredibly important to Shelby and I.

We have two cats that we adore and couldn’t imagine life without them. I didn’t understand what it meant to have a pet until Shelby brought Reddington to our little family.

Shelby has always had a deep empathy and passion for animal welfare. So much so that last summer she decided to pursue a career as a veterinarian. For the past year, I’ve watched her learn more about animals than I thought one person could know at school and volunteering at vet clinics.

While I was in California, I had the idea to combine both of our passions. Each month, we will go to local shelters and help raise awareness about local San Angelo pets that need homes, how sponsoring and fostering saves lives, and the benefits adopting animals has for a community.

Each week, we’ll show off an animal in need of a home and I will paint a portrait of them. When a family adopts them, I will gift them the portrait of their newest family member.

After they’re adopted, we’ll give you all an update on the animal’s new home so you can join us in the journey of finding homes for animals in need.

Animals for Adoption!



Female Terrier/ American Pit Bull Mix



Male Retriever, Chesapeake Bay / Mix

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I'm Adopted!! 

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I'm Adopted!! 

Read my story!