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Working on "007"

I think the most interesting thing about the progress of a painting is the ups and downs and applications of our knowledge of techniques. Although over the past 15 years I have learned that one or more techniques that one has learned may not be applicable to a current project.

This one like the others I have painted gave me a little anxiety or perhaps the rush that we all feel when starting something new. Faces pose a new challenge since not all faces are alike. The wrinkles in the face, the lighting, the unique gaze, all of it changes and makes the process different than the last.

What makes this style (made popular by Leroy Nieman) of painting challenging is that choosing colors for each subject has not science or method, at best it is random. Yet once certain colors have been chosen it makes it easier to understand what other colors should or could come next.

I chose a yellow initially becasue I knew I would have to do his tux black and white so it would give some attractive contrast. As for his face blue and light reds felt like the best way to go. I have to admit I always have some blue in my paintings I think it cools the painting down and adds depth.

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