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Bob Marley Completed!

Every painting has its challenge. You will know it when you get to that point. It feels like you know what to do but you don't know how. Anyway its hard to describe. For me it was the guitar. I knew it was going to be blue since the orange in the background would really make it pop! The angle of the guitar is down and forward slightly and behind/underneath his arm. Very tricky but a great artist once told me to paint what I see not what I think I see. Basically don't make it more complicated than it is. If we examine this for what it it is we can see that there are basic lines and shapes. The lights and the darks are what give the illusion that this painting is three dimensional. After some work I finally finished. Notice I left the guitar unfinished to give the painting an abstract feel and leave the focus on him not the end of the guitar. You can't it see in this rough photo but I did go over the piece with some light oil pastels to loosen the painting up. Remember the original photo? It was taken with a fast shutter as he was moving leaving his hair in suspended animation. If anything stay true to the energy of the photo.

My next post will be of the painting up close with a hi-def camera. Although it is a commission. Prints will be available.

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