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Bruce Lee Commission

I recently completed a Bruce Lee painting that was commissioned by a young lady to give to her father has a gift. First off I'd like to say how excited I was to even have the opportunity to paint Bruce. He has been my childhood hero ever since my father and I began watching his films together. Luckily the young lady that commissioned me to paint Bruce gave me full creative control. It went very fast! After I laid out the background I free handed the painting from a photo I was able to choose to work from. The challenge in painting from photos can often come from perspective. In the photo Bruce's leading hand was close to the camera but out of focus while his face and other hand were in focus. To try and create the same effect on canvas with a brush I had to practice relaxing my eyes and not get caught up in details. I did the revers when painting the rest of the painting. The finished product is in my opinion very close to the photo I worked from. I hope you all enjoy it! Canvas prints are available just send me a quick message on how to purchase one.

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