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Any work is good work

As I am writing this my blood pressure is up but in a good way. Some how I'm able to find new ways to keep myself busy when I finish one goal I already have three or four lined up, no time to celebrate. Time to work! So this post I figured I would talk about how to find art jobs. No I don't mean a 9 - 5 job that pays hourly I mean an actual project that will require you to create art and potentially get paid. I don't always classify every job I find as a "paying" job. Why? Well most of the money I've made from painting has come about from opportunities I have jumped at that eventually led to a commission or art purchase these are the most important type of activiites I focus on. Its a bit hard to wrap our head around I know. Why work if your not going to get paid? Well it depends on the hidden value and whether or not you can see the potential that is there. There are hidden values like brand exposure, free advertising, networking, and promotion. All these things eventually lead to actual monetary jobs. Think of it in terms of investment. If I told you the more you invested in activities that help your art career the more return you will get in dollars over time. Would you do it? What if I said it was guaranteed? The secret like I mentioned is to know when an opporunity is presenting itself and to not waste time thinking so much as acting on it. They don't last long and often your instinct in these cases will always be on point as long as you can determine that there is value there for you. Part of taking action on these opportunities is not having fear to make mistakes or rather to be confident that you can accomplish your goals whether or not you know exactly the road that will take you to them.

So how do I know where and when to look for oppotunities? This takes some practice. You won't know exactly where to look. The best place to start is by offering your help by volunteering for organizations you truly care about and can utilize your skills even if its just a strong back. Giving back to the community is the best away to open doors and its fullfilling. The community will give back to you ten fold. In my experience oppotunities come your way more and more when people develop trust with you. This is based on how you conduct yourself in all aspects of your life especially when interacting with people and projects. Its this trust that gives people a reason to want to reach out to you. They eventually associate these positive feelings with your art. Now I'm not saying this is all you need or all I need. Its only a small part of the things I know I should be doing on a regular basis to continue to have doors opening for me and my career. That and I sincerely enjoy giving my time. Soul food.

If you take away anything here its these key points. Give your time to things that matter in your community. Go with your gut. Don't be afraid. Don't hesitate.

As always. Be Distinctive. Be Fearless. Be Humble.

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