• Alejandro Castanon

I fail and I love it.

I'm fired up right now so why not write a post? Generally the rule is not to write when you are emotional then post to the Internet but this my friends is the exception I'm willing to make. A very close friend of mine experienced a set back today that challenged his dreams. To me this is a pivotal moment in our lives not like when we get a low grade on a test or when we forget a house payment but when an event occurs that tests are fortitude. It is these moments that I've come to love not because I'm that sort of sick person that loves emotional pain and humiliatiion rather I've come to find that I make greater strides towards my goals when I take a big hit. I have been told before that I could not make it as an artist and that art galleries don't survive their first year. Today I'm making a living as an artist (with three years of painting under my belt) and running my gallery now in its fourth successful year. When I'm told things I can't do I do the opposite, its like a trigger that goes off. I know that we all have that trigger but to what lengths are you ready to push yourself for that dream or goal? How much are you willing to sacrifice? If you are someone that is willing to go toe to toe with me then you better be ready to give it all up to beat me. Thats my attiftude. Attitude is everything. Sure we all get down at first who doesn't? But its what you do right after that counts the most. My friend is a lot like me and because he and I are close I feel his pain but like me he must become filled with passion and energy to prove to himself that his failures are not what defines him but are rather his fuel to overcome them. Whew...

I know this sounds more like a rant of a madman but we all have moments of failure sooner or later. When I was young I didn't understand them I just coward and let myself dwell on them for too long. What changed? I have no clue. Maybe I turned 27 and the light bulb went off. Sink or swim is how I like to think about life. Maybe its the idea that one day my daughter will be presented with major failure and I want her to look to a memory that is inspiring of my perserverance or perhaps I am just wired differently. Who knows? All I know is that to be truly great at something we must fail. It is inevitable and necessary but we must also stand tall and believe in our ability, realized or not because that type of confidence is infectious. People that see your level of confidence (not arrogance) will believe in you as well. Failure at that point feels like a feather compared to the weight of your success. So my friend if you are reading this embrace the failure and use your passion to propel yourself beyond the non-believers. You have a gift and I guarantee that it wasn't meant to be hidden away. Either way I got your back.

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