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Dallas the new frontier

So the last time I posted in my blog I had a lot to say about getting out on the road and doing shows. Most of the shows I've done have been in Dallas as of late. Nearly every single one was by invitation procured from the event preceding it. Until I was invited to have a solo show. How can I express the joy and surprise of progressing so quickly in a city I've only engaged with in the last five months? Its hard to find the words. I'm speechless in fact. My dream at the beginning of this year, I should say the years prior also, was to be part of a show in Dallas some day. Never did I imagine that I would be invited to have a solo show there one day. Dallas, TX has been incredibly friendly and receptive to my art. I am so grateful for the opportunities I've had in this short time. Now I'm only two days away from my show there. I"m wrapping up some last minute paintings and preparing to pack for my trip there. I can't help but wonder what must lie ahead after this show opens. Will I have more doors open for me in Dallas? What will become of this new partnership that sits on the horizon? I can say without out a doubt that I'm hopeful and ready for what comes way. Dallas truly is the new frontier for me. I can't wait to unveil this special series I've developed just for my host, Dallas. Its a celebration of the beauty and character the city has introduced to me on every trip I've taken there in the past few months. I am sure I'll find more interesting places and people in the future. Dallas, here I come!

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