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What is the Small Town Artist Podcast?

What is The Small Town Artist Podcast and why should you care?

I started The Small Town Artist Podcast because I became utterly aware of the unique situation I was in while building my own art career in a small town. I searched endlessly for a blue print of how I should start and what I should be doing. I found probably the same thing a lot of artists find online about art marketing. A found some good websites, and a lot of people claiming they had great advice but none of them had insight in how to make an art career in small town successful. And of course it all cost $. So I thought about how I could do it on my own. I learned a lot of lessons the hard way...by doing. I didn't wait to have someone tell me it was okay or the right thing to do. I just jumped in and hoped to at least learn something. Boy did I learn. I learned by failing.

Fast forward a few years and now I have what I might call a successful art career. I'm not where my end goal is quite yet but I'm selling consistently and prices have finally jumped into the thousand dollar range. When I was well into my art career I reflected on the things and people I was most grateful for and I found it was those that gave me the support and help I needed freely. They didn't ask for anything in return, they just wanted me to succeed. I became overwhelmed with gratitude to those people and then I thought wait a minute...why can't do the same thing for my fellow artists? I want to see people that are just like me succeed and flourish. I want to see them feed their families by following their passion. So that's when two years ago I came up with the Small Town Artist Podcast. It took me two years because I spend at least a year thinking I needed experience and sound equipment to become "legit" in this space. I realized that I needed neither, because that's how I started my art career, and learned everything along the way. So that's when I got my phone out and started recording my first podcast.

I started speaking honestly and truthfully about what I've learned and what I wanted to share with other artists that live in small towns. I began interviewing artists and recording their lessons to be published for others to hear. My goal is find all the small town artists that are grinding out careers in their areas and taking their lessons and share them. My goal is create a support network for small town artists and empower them to feel that they can "make it" in a small town. If you haven't heard the podcast yet I encourage to head over to it now, its on my website or you can subscribe to it on all the major listening platforms and get alerts when a new episode is up.

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