• Alejandro Castanon

Solo Show 2020

This isn’t the best year to hold a solo show, I think some people would say. Or maybe it’s the best time to hold one. People are changing how they interact with each other, albeit slowly but they are changing. My goal is to create and curate my first solo show in San Angelo in almost 8 years. The date has been set for Oct. Whether things are somewhat back to normal or not really doesn’t matter to me. I just want to dive into this show differently than I’ve done before. other shows I’ve had over the years have all been very haphazardly thrown together. I want to dive deep into this one and really walk away with deep sense of accomplishment.

In Oct I will debut a 90s Hip Hop art show. I know that seems like a pretty normal theme but for me it’s A defining era of my youth. It represents a time in my life that I look back to fondly when a particular song comes on or a movie that replays from that time. I’ve always wanted to dive deeper into that era now as an adult and artist that will give me a fresh new perspective. This will require some significant research which I’m very excited about and of course plenty of painting to do. However I feel like this time my art will carry more weight behind them. If it can be seen in person great! If not that’s okay too. I’ll hold it virtually if needed. But the point is intention here.

i will be filling my social feeds with progress videos, vlogging my thoughts as a progress through this exciting show. Please follow and if you can see the show!

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