I've created a limited edition specialty print of my prints with carefully chosen quotes. These will only run in quantities of 50. They will each be numbered and signed.


This series is something close to my heart. My heritage is Mexican yet I was raised in Europe so my whole life I always felt like an outsider of my culture looking in and trying to learn more about it. This is an introduction to my efforts for reaching into my heritage. Each one different than the other but vibrant and powerful with color. I love the use of negative space and the abstract lines to tell their own story. I hope you enjoy it. 
Each print is printed with high quality pigments on a heavy poster stock 12"x18" paper. I hand sign each print.


If you are in San Angelo I can arrange for pick up at my gallery. For shipping outside the city, it is free.


Limited Edition Zapata with Quote 12"x18" Poster Print

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