San Angelo City Series

I began this series in early 2014 with the goal of focusing on specific San Angelo city landmarks and well known historic buildings. The photos were taken by my daughter Juliana Castanon, an aspiring photographer. Each abstract painting was created with a specific feeling in mind and represented by the tone and colors chosen. The entire series has been sold; two to a private collector and the rest to the local Municipal government now hanging prominently at City Hall in San Angelo, TX. Please click on each painting to find out if they are available or sold.

It's interesting how my perspective has changed about San Angelo the two times I moved here. Back in 2001 my father was stationed at Goodfellow and we moved from Frankfurt, Germany to San Angelo. It was the end of my senior year. Suffice to say I was pissed and not happy to be here. So like you might guess my point of view was skewed. When I left in 2003 for the the Air Force I never thought I'd return let alone to come back and become a San Angelo artist. 

In 2011 I returned to San Angelo, TX, older and wiser and a little more excited. After all I was moving back to be with my daughter. I couldn't have been happier. I was energized. I chased my dreams of becoming an artist and saw the enormous potential and beauty that San Angelo had for entrepreneurs. So I set my sites on becoming a San Angelo artist. After a while I wanted to explore San Angelo as a subject and decided to start the San Angelo Series and use locally known landmarks as subjects for my art. Once I began I couldn't stop! The city municipality noticed and snagged the majority of the series, with a few going to private collectors. Now I have several high quality prints (in various sizes) that I sell to collectors. Every once in a while I add another landmark to the series. 

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