The Young Artist Scholarship is a program I've created based on an overwhelming need from our community to support art in the lives of our young artists. My goal is to impact the life of one young artist in our community every year.

The best way to do this is by a nomination. Each child nominated must be able to demonstrate three critical qualities to be considered:

1. A true desire to pursue art. (through art done at home and at school, show interest beyond casual practice)

2. Demonstrate an socioeconomic challenge preventing them from pursuing art further.

3. Be from ages of 10 - 16.

Below is an entry form to enter a nomination. Myself and two other anonymous artists will evaluate each entry and choose one recipient on 20 December. The recipient will receive:

  1. A full painters brush set

  2. A standing easel

  3. Canvasses in various sizes

  4. Sketching pads

  5. Pencils for sketching

  6. Gift cards to Hobby Lobby and Michaels

  7. One hour art lesson with me (we will cover anything they want to learn)

  8. Paint

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